Enjoy this time

It’s late Sunday night. I’m behind on about as many things as possible and it’s stressful. But gosh darn it, I set out to post a blog per week for 2017 and I’m going to try to do it!

The last week has been pretty busy. I returned from coaching a volleyball tournament in Kansas City, continued my 6am Tuesday/Thursday Body Back workouts, wore the solo parent hat until my husband returned from his work trip and shared a bed every night with my 2-year-old who is currently expecting night terrors, all while trying to cure this darn cold. Spoiler alert: going to a stock show with a cold and a predisposition for hay fever does not heal you faster. 


This year the owner of our volleyball club challenged both the players and coaches to select one word to strive toward all year. I picked the word enjoy. Too often I find myself stressing and frustrated by things that could really be considered blessings. After all, Ive truly spent most of my life looking forward for the stage I’m currently living. I have a smoking hot husband who is kind, silly and considerate. I have two beautiful and sweet children who make me laugh everyday. 

So, in an effort to remind myself of the beauty I’m living, here are some highlights from the last week:

  • My volleyball team played the best I’ve seen them this whole season. 
  • I got to enjoy a fun, crazy and delicious meal with my mom and the kids – if you haven’t checked out Community in Lafayette yet, you are missing out!
  • We took Cody and Barrett to the National Western Stock Show and they nearly lost their minds with excitement. 
  • Barrett ate his first blueberry and loved it. 
  • Cody graduated from her swim level… she’s now an octopus!
  • We met some friends at a Disney princess performance.
  • I got stronger with my Body Back mamas. 
  • I went on an EIGHT hour date with my husband, including Starbucks and manicures! 
  • Eleven strong, beautiful mamas came to work out with me on Friday morning and reminded me just how empowering motherhood is.
  • When I asked Cody if she loved anyone she said, “I love my friend Linden!” (one of her buddies from school).
  • The kids rode in the kiddo car at the grocery store and didn’t kill each other. Yes, that’s a sticker on Barrett’s chin. #winning
  • I visited a wonderful mama and her newest little angel who is only nine days old! 

To summarize, despite feeling tired and often questioning whether I am enough, I am encouraged by all the sweet moments in life, and that is worth enjoying! 

Enjoy your week, friends!

Healing from Postpartum Depression

So, it’s been 5 months since my last blog post and so much has happened. My toddler turned two and started preschool, my baby started sleeping through the night and I’ve started to feel like I’ve hit my stride. Part of the reason for the long break has been due to what I will discuss in today’s post but another reason is that I was afraid of writing about this. I was nervous that by admitting something scary about myself I would seem weak, like I was lesser mom. However, I’ve come to the realization that I, like every other mom in the world, am human. No matter how many times life smacks me in the face with this fact, it doesn’t always keep my ego in check and I sometimes  pretend I have it all together. The truth is, I don’t. Admitting this is both terrifying and liberating, so with that said… Let’s do this. Continue reading

Hello from the Other Side

Well it’s been over a month since my last post. Whoops! I guess you could say raising two tiny humans has been a bit more challenging than I had imagined. For those of you who don’t know, taking care of more than one kid is really, really hard. I had hoped to post sooner. Lots has happened to Team Buell! Barrett turned one month and then two, Cody turned two and there’s been a lot of crazy stuff happen along the way. But every time I sat down to write, I had a butt to wipe, a mouth to feed or a child to rock. Whew! I say this not as a complaint or an excuse but as a means of sharing what my experience has been like as a mom of two. It’s been hard. Sometimes brutal.  Continue reading