Crunchy Mom Alert: Cloth Diapering is Not as Crazy as it Looks

I do not claim to be an environmentalist, nor an extreme deal finder, nor a die hard fan of baby poop. However, I LOVE cloth diapering. When first confronted with the idea of using cloth, I had a vision of folding something closely resembling a dinner napkin, fashioning it haphazardly around my baby’s bum and praying it lasts long enough to catch whatever terrifying messes come out of my child before falling off. I’m certain 95 percent of those I tell we do cloth diapering have the same image. When I mentioned the idea to my husband, he mostly chalked the idea up to pregnancy hormones. Certainly, just about every mom I shared our intentions with while I was pregnant laughed and told me I wouldn’t last. Luckily, a dear friend of mine had a daughter 7 months before we did and had months of cloth diapering success behind her I could use as evidence for my case. Now I’m here to tell you 18 months in, I use cloth diapers on my kiddo almost exclusively and plan to do so with my next baby as well.  Continue reading

Breastfeeding Lifesaver: Mommy Mix

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I’ve had so many friends give birth in the last few weeks, it’s insane. As such, I’ve gotten to go visit new squishy newborns to my heart’s content. By now, hopefully you know the basics of visiting parents of newborns (keep it short and sweet, leave your little at home and bring foods!!!) As a relatively crunchy mom, I also like to take care of mommies’ other major need in the first few weeks: breastfeeding!  Continue reading

Eczema Sucks… How We Deal with It in 10 Mommy Hacks

Months before our daughter was even born, we did a ton of research on basic to intermediate infant care. We took classes, read books, scoured Babycenter and polled most of our friends with kids. We were so confident that we would be able to take perfect care of our perfect baby. You know, because unlike those *other* parents, we did our homework. We were prepared. Alas, one thing we didn’t spend even a moment thinking about was baby eczema.  Continue reading