Pink Lemonade Custard Bars

Who doesn’t love a good pink lemonade? What I like most about these suckers is that they’re pretty and tasty. While they weren’t Cody-friendly (citrus and strawberries are eczema-triggering foods) I couldn’t resist adding them to my ice cream parlour party menu. Continue reading

Partytime Ice Creams: Avocado, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chip

Clearly, I couldn’t resist going a little overboard with ice cream for Cody’s party. I think they all worked out pretty well. These recipes are all super simple and really delicious. Yes, they require an ice cream maker, I know that’s annoying but if you have one lying around it’s totally worth it. Continue reading

Super Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing

When we moved to Colorado almost five years ago, my husband forgot to mention one little detail: there were no Trader Joe’s stores in the entire state. Considering 95 percent of my favorite treats come from Trader Joe’s, this may have been enough to give me pause. Luckily, about a year ago, Trader Joe’s finally came to Colorado and I was reunited with my love. This salad is a hack from one of my favorite prepared salads at Trader Joe’s. Continue reading