My New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Do This.

Hello blogosphere! The past nine months since Barrett’s birth have been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve struggled a lot, learned even more and am proud to say I’m happier and more secure than ever before. That said, I still want more! So, I’m about to take a risk. I’m about to be vulnerable and I’m about to put myself on blast. While I’ve taken strides to take better care of myself and also be easier on myself, there are areas in which I want to challenge myself. One in particular is this little blogging pet project.

I started it on a whim, mostly as a means of personal entertainment and to somewhat keep my writing chops fresh. For me, writing is therapeutic and it’s certainly fun. What’s resulted is an outlet for stress, an opportunity to connect and reach those who are experiencing the same struggles and that is one of the coolest things ever. Lately life has gotten in the way, or rather, I’ve allowed it to fall lower on my priority list than is reasonable – surely blogging is better for me than another trashy reality show, right?! So, I’ve resolved to publish 52 blogs – one per week – in 2017 and I hope you’ll help keep me honest.  Continue reading