Crispy Quinoa Chicken Nuggets

These bad boys went so fast at Cody’s party, I couldn’t believe it. I should have made twice the amount I did. You already know I was cooking them well into the party so there is no photographic evidence. They are super yummy and incredibly easy. Promise. Continue reading

Pink Lemonade Custard Bars

Who doesn’t love a good pink lemonade? What I like most about these suckers is that they’re pretty and tasty. While they weren’t Cody-friendly (citrus and strawberries are eczema-triggering foods) I couldn’t resist adding them to my ice cream parlour party menu. Continue reading

Partytime Ice Creams: Avocado, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chip

Clearly, I couldn’t resist going a little overboard with ice cream for Cody’s party. I think they all worked out pretty well. These recipes are all super simple and really delicious. Yes, they require an ice cream maker, I know that’s annoying but if you have one lying around it’s totally worth it. Continue reading