Partytime Ice Creams: Avocado, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chip

Clearly, I couldn’t resist going a little overboard with ice cream for Cody’s party. I think they all worked out pretty well. These recipes are all super simple and really delicious. Yes, they require an ice cream maker, I know that’s annoying but if you have one lying around it’s totally worth it. Continue reading

Baby’s First Birthday: A Lesson in Acceptance

We’re about to get really real today. In the weeks (okay, months) leading up to Cody’s first birthday, I carefully planned out every detail, from the food to the drinks and decorations all to fit with the perfect theme – Coco’s Ice Cream Parlour. I went crazy finding recipes on Pinterest, practiced making ice cream and nearly drove my husband to madness with the constant “what do you think of…?” You guys, I set up the pom poms and tissue garland a week early.

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