Triple P Chopped Kale Salad

We have a little running joke in our house about kale. I love it. My husband HATES it. Therefore, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to convert him to the dark leafy greens side (snicker). I love how simple this recipe is and how versatile it can be with a few substitutions. The triple p stands for Parmesan, pecans and pomegranate seeds.

Before you tune out, I know what you’re thinking: “Pomegranates? Woof. Too much work.” But I’m here to tell you now that I have mastered the art of quickly removing the seeds from a pomegranate, I am all about incorporating them into my holiday dishes. If your method involves bowls of water or takes longer than 1 minute, I highly recommend checking out this video. Your life will be forever changed.  Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015: Revenge of the Germs!

Thanksgiving was over a week ago and I’m just now getting this together. So, to say our Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned would be a gross understatement. As an example, I was so exhausted by the time we served the big meal that I didn’t even stay up to at least rinse the dishes before bed. That’s unheard of in this house. Here’s how I envisioned the week going: Continue reading

Chipotle Maple Pumpkin Custards

Growing up, I was never a pumpkin pie fan. I think I had one too many pieces in my early years that sent me over the edge. My husband, however, loves it. So, I’ve had to add a recipe to my arsenal that meets his need and appeals to me as well. What I love most about this dessert is that it adds a nice kick to the traditional pumpkin flavor.  Continue reading