Am I Really Doing This?

Well, here it is. Another mommy blog! Have I lost you yet?

The thought of these things has typically been enough to make my skin crawl. Yet, here I am. Writing a mommy blog. What if I called it a human blog? Does that somehow make it less cliche? Whatever. I’m doing this.

I should probably introduce myself. However, I’m finding that to be actually kind of difficult. Do I define myself by my relationships? I am wife to a super fun man who I met in college. I am mom to a ridiculously adorable 11-month-old daughter who, as cheesy as it sounds, has totally changed my world. I am doggy mom to a snuggly and sweet pup, who doesn’t get nearly enough attention for a breed known as, “The Love Sponge.”

Buell Fam

Is it better to define myself by my trade? I am a communications professional with a focus on B2B clients in the technology and professional services arenas. I recently left my job as Director of Client Services for a boutique communications agency in downtown Denver to spend more time with my little munchkin.

I could also define myself by my personal interests. I love food and pretty things. Cooking and organization are incredibly cathartic for me, which means I geek out at new recipes and mini storage baskets for drawers. Writing has also long been soothing for me as an avid journaler. I’ve also had a bit of my work published to a career-focused online publication, which has been just a hoot. I enjoy staying active with yoga and volleyball, and I swear I’m going to make a runner out of myself one of these days. As a former collegiate athlete, competitiveness, even if just with myself, is a big part of my life.

The inspiration for the name of this blog comes from my beautiful daughter, who eats and grows like she means business. Since about two months, she’s downed anywhere from 36 to 42 ounces of milk daily, all of which has come from yours truly. This has made me feel, at times, like a milk machine. No, I’m not a lactivist. I do think that moms should be encouraged and supported to feed their babies in whatever way keeps baby full, healthy and happy and keeps mom from losing her mind. That means not glaring at a mom who is nursing her baby at the mall and not shaming a mom buying formula. Breastfeeding has worked well for our family, though not without its challenges. Now that we are into solids, my milk machine duties have extended beyond boobie milks to all sorts of foods. It is a fun challenge finding new and interesting ways to keep my daughter fed.


I intend for this blog to host my adventures as a mom and as a human, including the things I love most: taking care of my family, food and finding ways to better stay sane. You can plan to see something about every two weeks, if I can really keep my act together. As a professional communicator I would never advise a client to begin a blog they couldn’t reasonably expect to keep up with at a regular cadence, but here we are.

Do enjoy.

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