Pregnancy #2: Month 5

Today marks 20 weeks into my pregnancy and I am overjoyed to be at the halfway point. I’m bumping out a little bit, though not as much as I expected to be at this point.  
Month 5 Breakdown

Gestational Age: 20 weeks

Gender: It’s a boy!

Baby Problems: I’m still feeling great. I have the occasional back pain but seriously, it’s nothing compared to what some of my other pregnant friends are experiencing. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to this little man for being so good to me.   

How Fat is Baby? (Mommy’s Weight Gain): 15 pounds total. So far, so good. Thanks for keeping me honest, y’all.

What is Baby Eating?: I’m welcoming vegetables back into my life and have been having a ton of lemon garlic green beans as well as asparagus. The added bonus is that they’re a favorite with Cody, too. Like mother, like daughter, I guess. We’ve also been having a lot of roast chicken. This week, I made two on Monday night – talk about overkill. But they’re just so comforting and versatile, I really can’t resist.

Another addition to my pregnancy diet is this heavenly mommy smoothie – it’s perfect for breakfast or lunch, depending on my mood.
What is Baby Avoiding?: Not a darn thing.

  Baby’s Workout Regimen: I’ve lost a bit of steam on my running routine but have definitely kept up with volleyball this month. I did celebrate my last tournament with my “old lady team,” Rogue this past Sunday. Going in I thought there may be a chance I could continue for another month or so but it became glaringly apparent about halfway through the day that it was just not in the cards. I definitely need to keep up my running mojo in preparation for our neighborhood’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K.

Baby’s Movement: In the last two weeks, the little man has decided to make himself known. He’s especially active whenever I’m laying down and loves giving me swift kicks to the bladder. So sweet.

Booby Milk Report: I knew this day was coming but I didn’t think it would be so hard… on me! Cody and I had our last official nursing session before bed on October 15. I thought she would have a difficult time with it but honestly, she nursed for about 2 minutes and then reached for her crib without thinking twice as if to say, “See ya, mom!” 

In the two weeks since we weaned, she hasn’t asked to nurse once. It’s bittersweet to know that my first baby is growing up and doesn’t need that kind of comfort anymore. In a strange way, I occasionally hope that she’ll ask but I know it’s better for both of us that she isn’t. I don’t think I’ve dried up completely yet, nor do I really believe I will in the next 20 weeks but I guess time will tell. I’m just hopeful that my nursing relationship with baby #2 is as successful as it was with Cody.

Baby’s Adventures: What a month! The little man played in his first (and last) RMR volleyball tournament and as I mentioned, it was crazy to see how differently I felt playing in just two weeks. 

These ladies deserve a medal for carrying me on their shoulders.

 I also enjoyed a fantastic trip to California to visit one of my closest friends and celebrate her baby shower. It was so incredibly special to celebrate with her and her family. As an added bonus, we spent the majority of the weekend eating amazing food – her husband was also a fantastic honorary third pregnant woman. We also celebrated my 31st birthday this month, and have had a lot of fun getting ready for Halloween! 

Our little Stay Puft villain loves Halloween!

 Oh Yeah, That Pregnancy Thing: With Cody, I remember feeling somewhat discouraged by the fact that I didn’t seem to start showing until well into my second trimester. Everyone has told me that with second pregnancies (and beyond) mom’s belly tends to “pop” earlier. That just hasn’t been the case for me. I know it seems like a #humblebrag, but honestly, it’s a little frustrating. First, I’ve been in what my husband and I call the “too many burritos” phase, where you just look like you’ve gone a little hard on the food and light on the exercise. This doesn’t mean that I’m not getting bigger, though. My belly is definitely too big for my non-pregnancy clothes but I’m swimming in just about all my maternity clothes. I know, I know. Woe is me. Truthfully there are worse things to worry about but at the moment, I’m not feeling particularly comfortable and confident  in my clothing.

Baby’s FOMO: I miss raw and undercooked foods. While I still eat sushi (haters, just keep it moving) I have been doing without runny egg yolks, medium rare steak and oysters. Sadly, my favorite Denver spot for oysters closed while I was pregnant with Cody, so I was never able to quell that craving from last time. One day…

Baby’s To-Dos: I am positive I will regret the following words in the near future. That said, I am really looking forward to having a firm, round baby bump. Too many burritos lady has had enough! In the next month we will be celebrating my brother’s wedding in California. I cannot wait to see Cody in her flower girl dress (don’t worry, I will share photos)! I’m also incredibly excited for my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m already brainstorming the 2015 menu. My poor husband is gearing up for the Thanksgiving lunatic that will live at our house until November 27. Pray for him.

Baby’s Next Appointment:  November 2 – Anatomy scan, baby!!!

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