Pregnancy #2: Month 9

Holy cow. I’ve been carrying a baby around in my belly for 9 months! 36 weeks to be exact. Where has the time gone? Am I ready for this? I think he’s coming either way. We’re feeling so close and so excited but just to make things interesting, I’ve decided to make a pretty major change in my birth plan. More on that below!

Here’s what’s happened in the last month: 

Month 9 Breakdown

  Gestational Age: 36 weeks

Gender: It’s a boy!

Baby Problems: I know most mothers experience this their entire pregnancy but in the last month I’ve started needing to pee just about every hour. I don’t think I’m hydrating any differently but holy cow. If I wait even two minutes beyond the initial urge it becomes an emergency situation. Fun fact: trying to run to the bathroom while needing to sneeze results in a wardrobe change just about every single time. Go baby!

How Fat is Baby? (Mommy’s Weight Gain): 31 pounds total. I’m not sure how or why but I seem to be stagnating if not losing a bit of weight now. Whatever the reason, I’m not mad about it. 

Goodbye, toes!


What is Baby Eating?: This month I fulfilled two very serious pregnancy addictions in one weekend trip. We traveled to Las Vegas over President’s Day weekend to coach a volleyball tournament and as a true Californian, I had to get my fix of In-N-Out my first night in town. What I didn’t expect was that true, authentic San Diego-style Mexican food would be available at my fingertips on our last day of play. One of San Diego’s shining jewels, Roberto’s Taco Shop, has a ton of locations throughout Nevada (lucky me)! My bean, rice and cheese burrito might be the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in 9 months.  Of course, I’ve also enjoyed my fair share of Girl Scout cookies – Samoas for the win, baby! 

I flipped for Mexican food!

What is Baby Avoiding?: Still not really avoiding anything.

Baby’s Workout Regimen: Excessive organizing and decorating have left me absolutely pooped just about every day. Maybe that’s why I’ve not gained any weight! The results of which, I will share with you below!

Baby’s Movement: I’m to the point where this kid is kicking less and leaning a lot more. I’ll get a knee or an elbow poking and sliding around my belly with a good amount of regularity. The nice thing is, at this point he’s big enough and poking out enough so that if he gets into a position that I don’t like, I can push my belly to adjust his positioning a bit. He’s been head down for at least the last two appointments and it seems his little toosh has found a good home just below my rib cage.

Booby Milk Report: In the last month, Cody has requested “milkies” a handful of times, although not really doing much when the opportunity to nurse arises. I get the sense we’ll be dealing with a touch of jealousy once the little man arrives but hopefully nothing major. My chest has definitely exploded in size in the last month, which gives me a good feeling about my supply once the baby comes.

Baby’s Adventures: This month has been crazy and very full. The biggest highlights were our trip to Inside the Orchestra’s Tiny Tots concert – Cody loves sitting next to the drums and dancing to the music. If you’re in the Denver area and haven’t yet attended one of these concerts, you are really missing out! We also visited Las Vegas KID FREE!!!! for a weekend and had a really fun time coaching our team and getting the most alone time we’ve had since Cody was born. I can’t say that I would recommend Las Vegas as a top babymoon destination, but we had a really nice time.


Love these amazing women

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the adorable sprinkle hosted for me by some girlfriends. The time spent celebrating Baby Boy Buell was so nice and really helped to make it feel real that he is almost here. We’re so excited.

Oh Yeah, That Pregnancy Thing: Toward the end of my pregnancy with Cody, I experienced a good amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. This really hadn’t happened until this past weekend when I was woken up by some serious discomfort. They also were similar in cadence to the contractions I had when I was in labor with Cody – coupling contractions, which are basically when you have contractions back to back. It is not pleasant. The whole ordeal was over in about an hour and I’m really hopeful that this is not an indication of how my labor will go with this little guy but we’ll deal with it however he comes!

Baby’s FOMO: I miss jacuzzis and wine. So much. Not that I spend a lot of time drinking wine or sitting in jacuzzis in general but just knowing that I can’t partake makes me feel like I’m missing out. Is that dumb? Maybe. Either way, I’m definitely going to find a way to have a nice glass of pinot noir once this little fellow gets here.

Baby’s To Dos: In the last month we have gotten so much done to get ready for this baby. We’ve packed the hospital bags and cleaned our carpets. We’ve met with our doula, complete with fun belly henna (sorry, no pictured of this – I’m pretty self conscious about my stretch marks). We’ve moved our guest room furniture to the basement and finished decorating the nursery…


I think Cody approves


We’ve even toured the hospital, which resulted in a pretty significant change for us. In my initial research for OBs in the area when we moved last year, I had a few criteria – most of which were focused on ensuring I could have the kind of birth I wanted when the time came to have another baby. In my research I selected a hospital and corresponding practice that would allow me to have access to a private tub in which to labor. I was in and out of the tub so much during my labor with Cody that I really couldn’t fathom not having that option.

During our hospital tour, we learned that despite what I had initially thought, our hospital has just one tub for its entire labor and delivery unit. For me, that is a major deal breaker. So! We’ve done more homework  and devised a plan for a new hospital and a new OB practice, which will allow me all the comfort measures I had envisioned for my birth. I won’t say that I’m not a bit nervous about this change but I feel it is for the best and having the support of my family and especially my husband is huge. It also helps that due to a move at 30 weeks pregnant with Cody, I already have experience changing doctors in the middle of a pregnancy – it worked out wonderfully last time. Now really all that’s left is a few last chores and then, you know, have a baby!

Next Appointment: February 24

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