Whole30 Dinner and Lunch: B(ea)LT Salad Two Ways

Happy Monday! We’re still rocking and rolling on our Whole30 over here. Just two more days to go. With that, I bring you one of my favorite meals we enjoyed over the last couple weeks – we liked it so much I’ve made it three times already, which is quite an accomplishment for a salad. Making a salad into a meal in my house is not an easy feat. My darling husband requires lots of “goodies” to make it worth his while. Because of that, this salad was an immediate hit. You get bacon, avocado and egg. What is not to love? The bonus to this salad is that it is very easy to serve this as a dinner entree as well as a packed lunch version in a jar salad.

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Whole30 Dinner: Buffalo Ranch Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers

For years, my husband tried to get me to go out for wings with him. Because I’m so sensitive to spicy food (like, uncontrollable hiccup fits sensitive), I was convinced they would not be for me. Guess what, guys? For the first time in my life (har har) I was wrong. I LOVE wings. I love buffalo sauce. I love dipping those delicious little suckers in blue cheese dressing while sipping on a cold Strongbow. Clearly, this reality was not possible during our Whole30, so we had to find a stand-in.  Continue reading