Homemade Vanilla Bean Almond Milk

One of my favorite kitchen staples is almonds. They last well in the pantry, they’re packed full of nutrients and they’re very versatile. So, because I love almonds and I love all of you, I will be sharing not one, not two, but three of my favorite simple almond recipes. The first is a nice go-to if you’re doing a Whole30 and want to enjoy almond milk without all the additives found in the store-bought varieties. Continue reading

Whole30 Dinner: Tomato Basil Shrimp with Summer Squash Noodles

For me, the most difficult thing about the Whole30 was giving up pasta. Years ago, my volleyball team took a trip to Italy where we are some of the best pasta in the world in excess. Most of my teammates left the country happy not to see another bowl of noodles for months. I, however was happy to hit up my favorite local shop for another fix days after returning to the states. I. Love. Pasta. Thankfully, there are reasonable substitutes for pasta lovers like me who are going without: veggie noodles! Continue reading

Whole30 Dinner and Lunch: B(ea)LT Salad Two Ways

Happy Monday! We’re still rocking and rolling on our Whole30 over here. Just two more days to go. With that, I bring you one of my favorite meals we enjoyed over the last couple weeks – we liked it so much I’ve made it three times already, which is quite an accomplishment for a salad. Making a salad into a meal in my house is not an easy feat. My darling husband requires lots of “goodies” to make it worth his while. Because of that, this salad was an immediate hit. You get bacon, avocado and egg. What is not to love? The bonus to this salad is that it is very easy to serve this as a dinner entree as well as a packed lunch version in a jar salad.

Continue reading