Exciting News: Baby Buell #2

Well, we can’t keep the secret anymore. The Buell family will be welcoming a new little munchkin in March of next year. We are overjoyed with the news and so pleased to share it.

Since before we had Cody, we’ve known we would like our kids to be close in age. At the same time, maintaining my breastfeeding relationship with Cody for as long as it felt right for both of us was also a priority. So we were quite surprised when we got pregnant so quickly and without fully weaning. Homegirl still gets “milkies” once or twice a day.

Early pregnancy had some interesting effects on me. Last time around, I had an overwhelming wave of exhaustion. This time I experienced some pretty funny pregnancy brain. Three times in the week leading up to my positive test, I drove completely the wrong way to and from places I visit frequently. Y’all, I once found myself at the airport before realizing I was off track! That was quite the detour.

Last time I found out I was pregnant, it took a total of .02 seconds for me to squeal with excitement and tell my husband. This time around, I was determined to keep the secret to myself and pull off a little surprise, which took a whole five days to execute. I had the help of a wonderful local bakery to create a fun cookie to let the cat out of the bag. I’m sure you’re shocked my reveal was centered around food. Following dinner on date night, the waitstaff brought out a special dessert for my husband.

To say he was shocked is an understatement.

My due date has since changed, but these cookies were a really fun way to share the news with my husband. Thank you, Indulge!

We also opted for early chromosomal screening this time around. I would like to say that it our primary concern was ruling out potential abnormalities but honestly, we’ve felt much more relaxed and less fearful with this pregnancy. As our doctor explained, aside from being a more definitive answer for ruling out chromosomal abnormalities than traditional tests, this screening can also confirm gender much earlier than the 20-week anatomy scan (ultrasound). Oh, heeeey! As an obsessive planner, I was all about it!

Because our parents and siblings all live on the West Coast, we wanted to find a way to include them in the big reveal. So, we decided to enlist the help of our bakery again along with a good old video chat. Our doctor’s office confirmed that the screening came back negative for chromosomal abnormalities and sealed the gender result in a top secret envelope for the bakery. They made us an adorable gender reveal cake.

We cut into the cake to reveal the result…


It’s a BOY!!!

So now you’re in the know! We’re having another baby and couldn’t be more excited.

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