Pregnancy #2: Months 1, 2 and 3 (First Trimester Snapshot)

I’ve been pregnant for three months at this point and it still doesn’t quite feel real. I’ve seen the ultrasound, heard the heartbeat and even gained some weight but honestly I keep forgetting. I’ll sometimes go days without even thinking about it. Sure, that will soon be harder to do once my belly starts rounding out but it’s just such a different mindset to my first pregnancy. I had my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound to confirm my “official” due date – March 18, which is my brother’s birthday. It looks like we will have two under two, at least for the first two months. Yikes!

Baby’s first headshot

In the first few weeks I had some pretty aggressive morning sickness brought on by the wonderful combination of prenatal vitamins and excluding grains from my diet. I was just finishing up Whole30 when I became pregnant – shout out to other fun benefits of getting healthy #whole30nonscalevictory – and had intended on maintaining a primarily paleo diet as long as I could through this pregnancy. Unfortunately, no matter how much I ate in the morning (I’m talking eggs, meat, fruit, greens and smoothies… BIG breakfasts) unless I had some type of grain, even as simple as a piece of toast, I would get super nauseous within 15 minutes of taking my vitamins. I even added B6, which is often prescribed for nausea in pregnancy. Womp womp.

Cody's still unsure about this whole

Cody’s still unsure about this whole “big sister” business

Another interesting symptom I don’t recall experiencing until later in my first pregnancy is super aggressive back pain. I asked my doctor and he reminded me that I wasn’t hoisting a 30 pound bowling ball 40 times a day last time – hooray for my 97th(+) percentile princess! Oh, that.Luckily by now it’s calmed down.

Whoops! I was a bit distracted weeks 10 and 11

Whoops! I was a bit distracted weeks 10 and 11

My plan is to share monthly updates on the pregnancy so not to overwhelm you all. I’ll still be sharing fun recipes – there’s nothing quite like pregnancy eating – so, stay tuned!

First Trimester Breakdown

Gestational Age: 12 weeks

Gender: We will soon find out!

How Fat is Baby? (Mommy’s Weight Gain): 3 pounds

Baby Problems: Back pain is no joke, people! GI issues, pregnancy brain and fatigue are hitting me pretty hard. Nausea has been pretty rough in the mornings, but since I am now eating grains again we’re all good. One scary symptom I’m experiencing was about 2-3 weeks of period-like cramping. My doctor assured me it was normal but definitely not fun!

What is Baby Eating?: All I want is eggs, eggs and more eggs! I’ve also had a good deal of green smoothies; meatballs and paleo oatmeal.

What is Baby Avoiding?: As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve not had much of a taste for vegetables lately but I’ve been doing a good job of tricking myself into eating it (hiding them in sauces and meatballs like you’d do with a toddler).

Baby’s Workout Regimen: I’ve been feeling awesome! One really awesome thing about this pregnancy is that without a 9-10 hour workday and 2-hour roundtrip commute, I actually have the time and energy to exercise like I want. In fact, the day after I found out, I hit personal best for my run distance and time. Right now, this kid is allowing for 3-mile runs 3 times weekly, weight training 1-2 times weekly and volleyball 1-2 times weekly. Yeah, buddy!

Baby’s Movement: Nothing yet, but I can’t wait to feel the little guy moving!

Booby Milk Report: While I was all about continuing nursing in the process of getting pregnant but never really thought about what happens when I actually had another baby growing inside me. Part of me thought my body would just decide it was too much and make the decision for me by drying up on its own. Not so much! Cody nurses before bed and occasionally during the day if she gives me really good puppy dog eyes. The thing is, it really does the trick to put her to sleep at night, so I’m not ready to give up those delicious moments with my first baby falling asleep in my arms yet. 

Baby’s Adventures: It’s been a busy 3 months! We went in for our first prenatal appointment and ultrasound, had lots and lots of end-of-summer pool time, did a hike at Garden of the Gods, played in two volleyball tournaments (thanks for letting me play, dude!) and checked out the Lafayette Peach Festival.

Here we are on our last day at the pool before it closed for the season.

The highlight, however was meeting good friends for my husband’s birthday dinner, sharing our baby news and learning that they, too are expecting their second child. Our kiddos will be less than a month apart!

Baby’s FOMO: Get ready to judge me super hard. I literally said this to my husband last week: “I wish I had more wine before getting pregnant again.” Yep. I miss wine. In the last few months before getting pregnant again we were actually thinking of planning a wine tasting trip to our old honeymoon spot in Sonoma. Looks like that’s out of the cards for a while.

Baby’s To-Dos: At this point in pregnancy I feel like I have loads of time to prepare for the little one’s arrival. I’m trying to capitalize on that feeling by taking on a few residual projects from our move back in March. There’s also a lot of fun ahead in the next month, including a trip to California and the official start of fall, which is my favorite season.

Baby’s Next Appointment: September 8

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