Pregnancy #2: Month 7

Just like that, I’m in my third trimester. This pregnancy is truly flying by. When I was pregnant with Cody, I knew exactly the number of weeks and days of gestation on a daily basis. This time, people will ask me and I often have to get out my phone to check out how far along Babycenter says I am. Regardless of my apparent absentmindedness this pregnancy, weeks 25 through 28 have been pretty sweet.

Month 7 Breakdown

Gestational Age: 28 weeks

Gender: It’s a boy!

Baby Problems: Well, it’s happening. I’m definitely large and in charge, and with that comes some extra fun side effects. I think the funniest one, however, is my body temperature. A few days before Christmas, we had a huge amount of snowfall (12 inches!) and my husband and I spent about 20 minutes shoveling our driveway and sidewalks. I went out in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a vest, while my husband wore a big heavy coat with jeans, a long sleeve shirt, boots and gloves. Halfway through, he commented on how he felt like his fingers were going to fall off, while I literally felt as comfortable as can be. This baby is a really nice personal warmer!

How Fat is Baby? (Mommy’s Weight Gain): 26 pounds total. I’m a little nervous at this point regarding my final total. That’s how it goes, I guess!

25 weeks 26 weeksWhat is Baby Eating?: The Christmas season brings about so many delicious treats. I’ve enjoyed some yummy soups and casseroles over the last few weeks and of course some amazing Christmas food. I’d say my two favorite meals were on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We enjoyed a yummy glazed ham for Christmas Eve and a Johson family favorite, sukiyaki, for Christmas. Now that we’re into January, it’s time to be more reaponsible!

What is Baby Avoiding?: Similar to last month, no foods have really given me any trouble. However, I’ve been trying to lay off the caffeine – or at least cut back to one chai latte per week.

Baby’s Workout Regimen: This weather has been killing me, making it difficult to get out for runs. My workouts lately consist of light volleyball, vigorous dancing with Cody (boggling with a 30-pound wiggly toddler is no joke) and upper body work. Our community rec center just started an indoor stroller workout class on Mondays, which should be perfect for us in these last few months.

Baby’s Movement: If this baby’s movement in utero is any indication of his activity in the real world, we are in big trouble. I think he’s big enough now and also has enough room to really wind up and do some damage. I won’t be surprised if I end up with some bruising – he’s that strong.

Booby Milk Report: It is with mixed emotions that I confirm Cody is officially weaned. We’ve really had no reason to nurse and she seems quite happy. In the last week, she’s requested “milkies” and even successfully liberated a breast but hasn’t actually tried to nurse. Perhaps just the visual is comforting for her. I’m happy that she’s moved on and with little difficulty but also a bit sad for the closing of this chapter in her life. She’s definitely a full-fledged toddler now. Despite the lack of demand, my chest is larger than ever – no doubt in preparation for the little man. I’m hopeful our nursing journey is as successful as my first.

28 weeks

Yep, I forgot about week 27. I looked like this but a little smaller 🙂

Baby’s Adventures: The past month has been an absolute blast… so much so that I couldn’t quite tear myself away to get to taking photos of my belly or blogging much. I guess that’s a sign of a good time, right? I finally made it back to the doctor… twice since I last posted and have enjoyed a slew of holiday activities. We saw the Broomfield City and County Building Christmas tree lighting, hosted friends for a cookie exchange playdate, toured the Denver Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light and enjoyed a visit from Cece and Popsy (my parents) for the entire week of Christmas, including my mom’s birthday. Something about having children to celebrate the holidays with makes the experience that much more special.


Visiting Santa at Anthem’s Winter Wonderland

Cody celebrated Christmas morning by hitting a pretty fun milestone, her first sentence. She came down for breakfast and said, “Hello, mommy!” What a fun way to start Christmas! She also recently sported her first “ponytail,” if you can even call it that. She’s not super into the whole getting a hairband tied into her hair, but once it’s in she says, “prettyyyy!” I was three before I could rock a ponytail so I’d say this little goober is ahead of her time.


Big girl ponytail: Day 1 (yes, she’s stuffing her face in the picture… this is my kid after all!)

Oh Yeah, That Pregnancy Thing: I took my glucose test this month… whoopie! I forgot how long you have to wait to eat food for this test. There’s the two hours before drinking the glucose and then the hour afterward. Brutal! Thankfully, I passed which was a pretty nice relief.

Baby’s FOMO: I don’t know that there’s anything I miss at the moment. I’m enjoying being pregnant and not feeling very deprived for the time being. It’s a pretty sweet place to be.

Baby’s To Dos: After seven months, we’ve finally decided on a theme for the new guy’s nursery. It’s going to be “Where the Wild Things Are,” which was one of my favorite books growing up. Plus I have a feeling if this baby is anything like his sister, his mom or his dad, we’re definitely in for a wild ride. The theme just seems to fit. I spent way too long making a mood board with ideas for the room – a mix of brown, grey, navy. white and grey – so now it’s time to start gathering the pieces to fill the room.


I made this little board using the Board app.

Since my mom brought me her old sewing machine and re-taught me to use it over the Christmas holiday (check out the super sweet pillow I made!), I’m determined to sew my own blackout curtains I’m quickly realizing how many duplicate items I’m going to need with two children so close in age – a glider seems to be the newest addition to the list. I have about four registries going right now, just so I can use the completion discount. Ha!


Now is also probably about time to settle on a baby name. My husband and I have been going back and forth on a few but seem to have widened our search even further in the last week or so. Now I feel even further from deciding, drat!

I’m also looking forwad

Next Appointment: My next appointment is January 13. Plus, super bonus: while I waited for the glucose test, I scheduled every single one of my prenatal appointments through the baby’s due date. We’re now to the point where I need to go every two weeks, which this time around is a bit of an inconvenience with a toddler running around. Really, I know I should be grateful to have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy – it’s a huge blessing!

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