Pregnancy #2: Month 8

Here we are, folks! 32 weeks of gestation and I cannot believe how soon this baby is going to be with us. The past month has flown by just as quickly as the ones prior and I’m starting to get a little nervous about this little man’s impending arrival. 

Month 8 Breakdown

Gestational Age: 32 weeks

29 and 30

Gender: It’s a boy!

Baby Problems: I’m starting to experience quite a bit of tightness in my rib cage due to this little (okay, probably not so little) nugget. It’s making sleeping and staying in the same position for an extended period of time more difficult.

How Fat is Baby? (Mommy’s Weight Gain): 30 pounds total. Bleh.

What is Baby Eating?: Following Christmas, we had quite a bit of holiday ham left over and I’ve just been feeling quiche lately. It doesn’t hurt that both my husband and daughter go gaga over it, too (hearing a 20-month old say “quiche” is about the cutest thing ever). That’s definitely been a staple in our diet the past month. I’ve also been rocking and rolling on my water intake. I’m typically not a great water drinker, so I’m feeling quite proud of myself as a result.

What is Baby Avoiding?: Nothing specific at this point though some foods have seemed less appetizing than others lately.

Baby’s Workout Regimen: We’ve been doing quite a bit of walking and general stretching this past month, which helps keep my legs and hips feeling good. Housework has felt like more of a workout lately as well, which I guess is a sign of my growing belly 🙂

Baby’s Movement: I think because he’s getting larger and losing space, the baby’s movement has seemed to be a bit less aggressive lately. I can’t say that I’m mad about it. I feel him all day long, especially in the morning, but in the past month he hasn’t been kicking me as hard in the pelvis or ribs. What a thoughtful son!

31 and 32

Booby Milk Report: Remember how I thought Cody was officially weaned? Well I was wrong! This is making me a little bit nervous to be honest. I’m not sure how I feel about nursing two children at once, only due to the fact that I’m concerned about Cody feeling like she’s in competition with the new baby. She’s nursed for very brief spurts a handful of times over the last month and I have absolutely no desire to turn her down – it breaks my heart too much. Maybe next month will be better? I can’t imagine she’s getting a whole lot!


The cooking class was a perfect date night!

Baby’s Adventures: We’ve had a blast this month. Some highlights include a trip to the National Western Stock Show, a French food cooking class at Sur la Table,  the Nuggets/Warriors game where Denver handed Golden State its third loss of the season(!!!) and lots of story times.


These little cowgirls were so excited to sit on the bull!

Cody’s major accomplishment this month was a successful pee in the big girl potty. We purchased a potty seat at the start of this month with the notion that we’d allow her to sit on it once or twice a day, just to get used to it. I was shocked when I heard a little trickle a few nights ago. She was so proud of herself and of course I was over the moon with excitement. I have no intention of fully “potty training” her until she seems more ready but it’s definitely a fun development.

Big girl alert!

Oh Yeah, That Pregnancy Thing: Seriously guys, third trimester hit and it’s like a tidal wave of fatigue just washed right over me. I remember being more tired toward the end of my pregnancy with Cody but dang! I am like a walking zombie some days. The other thing I’ve noticed more significantly this month is that it’s becoming more difficult to get myself up from bed or a squishy couch. This belly weight acts like a pretty good anchor sometimes.

Baby’s FOMO: This month, I’ve not really missed much, but I am feeling a bit sentimental thinking that I just have a few weeks left with Cody as an only child. She’s at such a fun stage right now – so expressive, affectionate and silly. Being able to give her my undivided attention has been a focus as I think about what it will be like to care for and nurture two little munchkins at once. We’re definitely enjoying this time together as a family of three.

Baby’s To Dos: Holy crap, I’ve been the worst procrastinator for all things baby. This month I’ve knocked out quite a few things, but earlier in the week I wrote down a comprehensive list of everything I’d like to accomplish before the new guy comes and it is a doozy! I’ve knocked out a few good ones: ordered and received my breast pump, picked a doula and started my Hypnobabies home study course; but I still have a lot to do. Primary on the list is figuring out a plan for what to do with Cody while I’m at the hospital, you know, having a baby. We have family and friends who have volunteered to be available but the plans are still a bit loose, which makes me a little nervous.

In the next month, I’m really hoping to settle on a name, gather all the furnishings and decor for the room, and solidify our birth plan, including where Cody will go while we’re at the hospital. We’re also headed out of town to Las Vegas of all places for our club team’s volleyball tournament. It’s literally the week before I’ll no longer be able to travel, which I think has those around me a little nervous but I feel good and confident that this little guy will be polite and not show up too early. If not, we may be dealing with quite an interesting trip!

Next Appointment: January 27

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