Pregnancy #2: Month 8

Here we are, folks! 32 weeks of gestation and I cannot believe how soon this baby is going to be with us. The past month has flown by just as quickly as the ones prior and I’m starting to get a little nervous about this little man’s impending arrival.  Continue reading

Pregnancy #2: Month 7

Just like that, I’m in my third trimester. This pregnancy is truly flying by. When I was pregnant with Cody, I knew exactly the number of weeks and days of gestation on a daily basis. This time, people will ask me and I often have to get out my phone to check out how far along Babycenter says I am. Regardless of my apparent absentmindedness this pregnancy, weeks 25 through 28 have been pretty sweet.

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Mommy Smoothie

As I get ready for #2 to make his arrival, I’m also thinking back to some of my favorite treats from when Cody was first born. As a new mom concerned about maintaining my breastmilk supply, I became a little obsessed with galactogogues and creative ways for combining them for easy consumption. Smoothies were an obvious choice given that at times with an infant, it can be quite difficult to get a solid, seated meal in one’s system.  Continue reading